Chapter: 1974

"Even if I die, I will stay with my son!" He clenched his fists and said fiercely as if he had made up his mind.

But Si Yao said, "We will not die. None of us will die! We are not allowed to die! You all must live well. Life is not easy. It is not something that can be taken away by anyone who wants to!"


In the dark basement, damp and without sunlight, there is a smell of mold and rot as soon as you enter the door.

The door was opened, and there was the sound of a wheelchair rolling slowly.

Hearing this voice, the people inside raised their heads and looked forward, "Her Majesty the Queen, you are here to see me."

He raised the corners of his lips into a smile, but the smile was very stiff and ugly. The Duke, who was once so glorious, now looks like this.

The wheelchair stopped, and the queen looked at him quietly, looking at the man who had been by her side for decades.

"Fred, do you regret it?" she asked calmly.

"Regret? Regret? What are you regretting? Regret that you didn't start the experiment earlier, regret that you thought too much about the past and future? Regret that you didn't notice earlier that you were on guard against and doubting me early on?" He chuckled, "The winner is the king, the loser is the enemy, and there are regrets. What's the use?"

Listening to his words, the Queen fell into deep silence.

"So you never regret betraying me?"

I originally thought that he would reflect and reflect, would he have any regrets at all? Shouldn't he have betrayed himself in the first place, shouldn't he have been greedy and moved his heart wrongly?

But now listening to his words, it seems that he really doesn’t have that direction at all.

Fred moved slightly and sat up. He was extremely slovenly at the moment and had long lost his former dignity, but he still habitually tugged at the corners of his clothes, "My dear Her Majesty the Queen, I have never What do I regret about betraying you?"

"You didn't betray me?" Even now, he can still say such words.

"Of course! Everything I do is in accordance with your instructions and arrangements!" With a slight smile, Fred continued, "Whether it is the laboratory, R10, or the longevity experiment, everything is done in accordance with Your idea. When have I ever betrayed you?"

"Haven't you ever colluded with the important officials around me?" The queen narrowed her eyes.

"That's just normal social interaction, just some good personal friends. If you think this is collusion, I have nothing to say."

"Then you put me under house arrest?"

"That's for your safety, and also for the smoother conduct of the entire experiment. Besides..." He paused and laughed sarcastically, "Actually, isn't everything under your control? How can I I can lock you up, but you just came out before you even thought about it."

He was really naive, thinking that he had control of everything, thinking that she was old and confused, leaving everything to him to operate, but he forgot that she was a queen and a born king.

She was so strong and iron-fisted back then, and she had dealt with so many people who betrayed and resisted her.

Now she is old, but she is not confused at all.

"Fred, are you still quibbling now?" She thought she could hear his confession, but it turned out not to be the case.