Chapter: 5009

Lin Wan'er nodded slightly, but it could be seen that she was still somewhat shocked.

Ye Chen changed the topic and said to her, "Let's go in and take a look."

"Okay." Lin Wan'er responded and followed Ye Chen as she walked in.

Qingzhao'an is not big at all.

There are two courtyards in total, one in front and one in the back.

On both sides of the front yard are side halls, and in the middle is the main hall. There is also a small courtyard behind the main hall with three tile-roofed houses.

Ye Chen and Lin Wan'er first looked at the side halls on both sides. Apart from a few Buddha statues enshrined in the side halls, there was nothing special.

In the main hall, the evergreen lamp was still burning, and in the incense burner, three sticks of sandalwood had almost burned to the roots.

Ye Chen looked at the incense burner, then guessed the length of the incense ash, and said, "These three sandalwood sticks seem to be very long. They must have been burning for more than an hour."

Lin Wan'er calculated the time and said: "It has indeed been an hour since I came down the mountain from the slave's house, to meeting the master at the slave's house and explaining everything to him. In addition, the master and the slave's family went up the mountain and then turned back."

Ye Chen nodded and said, "These three sticks of incense were lit from the moment you left the house."

As he spoke, Ye Chen closed his eyes, smelled the sandalwood scent carefully, and sighed: "This sandalwood scent is so good, better than any other sandalwood scent I have ever smelled!"

Lin Wan'er said in agreement: "I was just about to say... this sandalwood is indeed very good. I am also a lover of tea and fragrance, but the best old sandalwood I have ever come across is not as good as this kind of sandalwood." , the aroma is rich, deep and slightly sweet.”

Ye Chen couldn't help but sigh: "It seems that every step we take is indeed in their calculations. They must have calculated that you would notice the abnormality and that we would turn back. These three sticks of incense should have been burned for us." "

Looking at the three sticks of sandalwood that were about to burn out, Lin Wan'er looked defeated.

She said to Ye Chen with some confusion: "You can even calculate that we can fight back, who are they..."

Ye Chen shook his head: "I can't figure it out. This feeling is like being given a God's perspective."

With that said, he walked through the main hall and was about to go to the backyard to check out what was going on, but he was attracted by a wooden door at the back of the main hall.

He carefully opened the door and found a small room of about five or six square meters inside.

Ye Chen took a brief glance and found that there seemed to be nothing else in the room except a simple wooden chair and a small wooden table less than half a meter wide.

In the room, there is a special aroma that makes people feel refreshed.

Ye Chen took a closer look and saw a string of bracelets almost the same color as the wooden table placed on the small wooden table.

The bracelet is composed of wooden beads about one centimeter in diameter. The whole body is dark brown in different shades, very shiny, and exudes a strong woody fragrance.

The bracelet is placed in the middle of the table, and it looks like someone else left it here on purpose.

Ye Chen stepped forward and picked up the bracelet. He could feel the warm texture on each bead of the bracelet. The overall lightness of the bracelet, coupled with the special aroma, Ye Chen speculated that it should be agarwood. Made.