Chapter: 5010

Lin Wan'er walked in at this time and asked in surprise: "Where did the agarwood bracelet in the young master's hand come from?"

Ye Chen looked back at her and said with a smile, "I found it on this table."

Lin Wan'er came to the front and asked cautiously: "Master, can you let me take a look?"

Ye Chen nodded and handed her the agarwood bracelet.

Lin Wan'er carefully held the bracelet in her hand and examined it, exclaiming: "This is the best variety of agarwood, Bai Qinan, and it is an out-of-print Hainan Bai Qinan. It is even a unique one that has never been seen among Hainan Bai Qinan..."

"Top quality?" Ye Chen asked curiously, "Is this thing expensive?"

Lin Wan'er said: "The best top-grade Bai Qinan bracelet that can be seen on the market, the auction price is about hundreds of thousands per gram, but the quality is still a lot worse than this. The slave family has never seen such a good one. Materials..."

Ye Chen exclaimed: "You have lived all your life drinking tea from the mother of Pucha. When I first met you in Northern Europe, your blue and white porcelain was the best of the best. What other good things are there in this world?" Haven’t you seen it?”

Lin Wan'er slightly covered her red lips with her jade hands, and said with a chuckle: "Young master, you look too high on the slave family. There are too many people in this world who are crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Almost most of the things in this world, everything that can be known to the world, are It’s not the best, so it’s normal to encounter good things you haven’t seen before.”

With that said, she handed the bracelet back to Ye Chen and said, "Sir, this bracelet should be a gift from them. Please accept it and keep it well."

Ye Chen said: "Maybe it's for you?"

"No." Lin Wan'er smiled sweetly and said, "If it were given to me, they probably wouldn't be able to afford it."

Ye Chen asked curiously: "Why do you say that?"

Lin Wan'er smiled and said: "Master, count the bracelets, no more, no less, there are twenty-eight beads in total. If I remember correctly, Master should have just celebrated his twenty-eighth birthday this year, and has not yet turned twenty-nine." Right? Isn't this just for the young master? If it is for the slave family, it will cost at least more than 300 pieces, which is really a waste. "

Ye Chen was startled, and quickly lowered his head and counted the beads on the bracelet. It was indeed no more, no less, twenty-eight.

Most bracelets actually have nineteen beads. This is because most people who wear bracelets pursue not only the material but also the profound meaning. In Buddhism, most beads have nineteen beads, which have the same meaning. A Buddha head, plus eighteen different dharma.

But this bracelet has twenty-eight bracelets in a unique style.

Because there are too many pieces, this bracelet is no longer suitable for wearing on the wrist, but more suitable for twisting in the hand.

Ye Chen couldn't help but ask her: "Do you think this represents my age?"

Lin Wan'er nodded: "Most likely."

Ye Chen asked again: "Maybe it's some kind of coincidence?"

Lin Wan'er shook her head: "It's possible outside; it's impossible here."

Ye Chen asked: "Why do you say that?"

Lin Wan'er said seriously: "Young master, you have to understand that everything here is prepared for you. The reason why they invited the slave family in is just because the slave family happened to accompany the master. If the slave family did not come with the master, then They will definitely meet the young master directly."

Ye Chen suddenly became a little nervous.