Chapter: 5011

He felt that what Lin Wan'er said made sense.

However, he didn't understand who the other party was that would pay so much attention to him.

From the moment the little nun took the initiative to talk to the two of them at the foot of the mountain, Ye Chen had always wanted to know who these people were, and now, this question is getting stronger and stronger.

At this time, Lin Wan'er suddenly remembered something and said: "Sir, when I just came in, I didn't see anyone entering or leaving this room. There are tables, chairs, and this bracelet in this room. I think someone must have been here at that time. . ”

Ye Chen nodded: "Then he must be the mastermind behind them."

As he said that, Ye Chen held the bracelet in his hand and twisted it for a moment, and then said: "I don't know why they are so secretive, but it does feel like you said, not like enemies. As for their background, I can only Wait until they take the initiative next time."

Speaking of this, Ye Chen looked at Lin Wan'er and asked her: "You said, since they just don't want me to move forward, what will they do if I get out of this door and continue walking deeper into the Hundred Thousand Mountains?" There won’t be any obstruction again?”

Lin Wan'er asked in horror: "Master... you... are you serious?"

Ye Chen said: "For the time being, we are just discussing the feasibility of this plan."

Lin Wan'er said tangledly: "Young master, in theory it should be like this, but the slave family still doesn't recommend that you try..."

Ye Chen looked at the bracelet in his hand and said with a smile: "Don't worry, I just said it casually, I'm not that disrespectful."

After that, he put away the bracelet and said to Lin Wan'er: "Let's go to the backyard and take a look. If there is nothing abnormal, let's start back to Jinling!"

Lin Wan'er finally felt relieved and accompanied Ye Chen to the backyard of Qingzhao'an.

The backyard of this nunnery is not big. There are only a few tile-roofed houses in total. It seems that this is where the nuns in the nunnery live.

However, this place has been vacant for a long time, and it seems that no one has lived in it for a long time.

This also further proved Lin Wan'er's guess that the two nuns she met were not real nuns.

Ye Chen even suspected that Qingzhao Temple had been abandoned for many years, but they only temporarily opened it this time to stop him.

The two did not find any valuable clues in the backyard, but they did see a path going down the mountain from the back outside the back door of the backyard.

Thinking about it, they evacuated through this mountain road.

Since more than an hour had passed, Ye Chen could not see any clues along this road. Out of respect for these people, he had no idea of ​​chasing after them to find out.

Looking at the winding road, Ye Chen sighed softly and said to Lin Wan'er: "Let's go back to Jinling."

When the two came down from Qingzhao Temple, Ye Chen kept holding the agarwood bracelet in his hand. He wanted to know the meaning of the bracelet left for him, but after thinking about it, he still couldn't figure it out.

Let's go by what Lin Wan'er said. The twenty-eight beads on this bracelet represent her current age. The other party put the twenty-eight beads into the bracelet, knowing that Lin Wan'er would notice something unusual and return to Qingzhao'an to investigate. After all, what message did you want to convey to yourself by deliberately leaving this bracelet to yourself?

In doubt, the two of them went down the mountain and climbed back up the mountain road again.

When we were going up the mountain again, we happened to meet some local old ladies. They were walking together and slowly walking down the mountain. Each of them was carrying a basket made of vines, and there were still some things in the basket. I put a lot of sesame oil, paper money and earthen incense.