Chapter: 2481

Amitabha looked at me unexpectedly: "Xiaocheng Hongchen Wonderland? Your strength has recovered, and I don't know that the first immortal in the fairy court knew it, but you can't escape my Buddha's attack just by relying on Xiaocheng Hongchen Wonderland." sanction."

After speaking, a vast ocean appeared under the bamboo raft that Amitabha Buddha was stepping on!

Of course, these vast seas are not real seas, but oceans of power composed of Buddha power!

This sea of Buddha's power suddenly set off a wild wave, killing me!

Without any fancy moves, Amitabha seems to use the purest power offensive to destroy me!

"My power is to complete the fairyland of the world of mortals. However, I have the blessings of heaven and the help of the Buddha world, and I can reach the point of half-step immortality. Don't say that I am a fairyland of the world of mortals. This vast sea of Buddha."

Amitabha lowered his voice.

This is the confidence of Amitabha Buddha.

Whether it is Ziwei Immortal Emperor or most of the Immortal Emperor-level characters, their strength is around the level of the Perfect World of Red Dust.

The level of respecting immortals can only be possessed by peak immortal emperors and Buddha-level figures.

As for the half-step respected immortal, it can be counted as being infinitely close to the existence of a peak immortal emperor and a Buddha-level figure.

In Xianting, those who have reached this level include Queen Mother Youxu.

In the Buddhist world, there is the Amitabha Buddha in front of me!

Youxu was able to become a half-step immortal, I guess it was because of the magic of immortality, and this Amitabha can have the strength of a half-step immortal, more because of the luck blessing of the guardian of the world.

"Amitabha! Do you know one thing?"

I then asked him back.

Amitabha looked at me with raised eyebrows.

I smiled and said, "When I was in the Golden Fairyland, I killed the consummated Red Dust Fairy. When I was in the Fairy Court, I fought against the Dragon alone! The reason why I escaped, and the reason why I asked Ao Yan to save me, was because Strength is sealed."

"Now, my seal has been lifted, and my strength has leapt from a golden fairy to a red dust fairy. So what if you are half a respected fairy?"

After finishing speaking, I laughed out loud again three times.

In my hand, the fairy bit of Yulong Jinxian appeared.

This reshaped immortal seat is an old friend of mine, and at this moment in the realm of my divine power, this immortal seat can be regarded as bursting out with its true brilliance.

"You use the sea of Buddha power against me, and I will kill you with the tide of dragon power. Let's see, is your Buddha power stronger, or the dragon power that has spent a lot of time condensing over the years is stronger!"

I speak out.

At the same time, the Shengyang Dragon Power Jue in my body was excited crazily.

Although it's been a long time since I used this Shengyang Dragon Power Art, I'm not unfamiliar with its control at all!

The rolling dragon power is also rising under my feet.

I said again: "Imperial Dragon Ultimate Move, Dragon Fury!"

I used the killing move that I wanted to destroy the entire Shenlong clan!

His Buddha power, my dragon power, each on one side!

So far, the two seas of power are facing each other!