Chapter: 2482

When Amitabha saw the tide of dragon power behind me, his expression that remained unchanged from ancient times became slightly dull.

And when my roaring tide of dragon power crazily suppressed his sea of Buddha power, Amitabha's expression changed drastically!

The muffled and resonant sound of the dragon's chant, one after another, kept emerging from the dragon power in front of me!

Like the horn of the victorious army, the surging dragon power is rolling up!

"Chen Nian, your dragon strength has grown so far?"

At this time, Shangguan Huayu beside me stared at me.

"Buddha, feel the tide of dragon power that can suffocate the dragons!"

I said to Amitabha Buddha.

When I finished speaking, the tide of dragon power has completely suppressed Amitabha's Buddha power!

What is Longli?

The most masculine and masculine force in the world.

His Amitabha's Buddha power is based on peace. My imperial dragon killing move is unprovoked and killed with the craziest posture. Naturally, his Amitabha's Buddha power cannot resist.

A few seconds after the confrontation between the two forces, Amitabha took a step back, and the sea of Buddha power he radiated began to turn into a defensive momentum.

In the confrontation of strength, Amitabha retreated and surrendered.

However, in terms of movement, although Amitabha retreated, he said softly in his mouth: "Chen Nian, Chen you think you can avoid reincarnation? No, you can't retreat from me, you can't retreat from the universe of Buddhism. ……Amitabha!"

When the words "Amitabha Buddha" fell, the face of the kind old man in front of him was icy cold in vain!

At the same time, he jumped up!

He stepped into the air and suspended, and the bamboo raft under his feet turned into a wooden boat!


It is not an ordinary wooden boat, but a supreme Buddhist vessel condensed by Buddha's light, Buddha's teachings... countless Buddhist principles.

This Buddhist wooden boat is sailing slowly towards me on the mighty sea of Buddhist power!

The power condensed in it has far surpassed the first-class treasure of Xianting Tiangong!

All the sea of Buddha's power, a steady stream of power is gathered in this Buddhist wooden boat, which condenses the terrifying power of suppressing and killing, rushing against my tide of dragon power!

Under the blessing of this Buddhist wooden boat, the power of Amitabha Buddha, which was originally suppressed by me, is like a rising balance, and its momentum rises instantly!

This is not over yet, under the power of this Buddhist wooden boat, my dragon power is constantly being purified and devoured by it.

Although Longli can restrain Buddha's power to a certain extent.

But if the power of the Buddha's power is strong to a certain extent, the cleansing and gentle power it releases can also turn Yin into Yang, from being restrained to being restrained!

Dragon power is constantly being swallowed up by this Buddhist wooden boat of Amitabha Buddha. At the same time, the seat of the Imperial Dragon Golden Immortal, which is the center of my dragon power tide, also begins to tremble unsteadily...

The imperial dragon's ultimate move, Long Fu, seems to be about to collapse.

I stood at the back, looking at the Buddhist wooden boat that seemed to be traveling through the endless river, my heart moved slightly.