Chapter: 2483

Amitabha Buddha is indeed powerful.

The famous giant in the Buddhist world, the guardian who guards the entire world, has a high gold content.

I stepped into the fairyland of the mortal world, and re-launched the ultimate move of the imperial dragon with the Dragon Power Art of the Holy Sun, which can destroy a perfect fairyland of the mortal world.

But Amitabha used a Buddhist wooden boat to break my ultimate move of the imperial dragon.

Even turning defeat into victory.

Seeing that the Buddhist wooden boat was about to fall in front of me, and when it was about to kill me with powerful Buddha power, Shangguan Huayu not far away made another sound.

"It's still not good, Chen Nian? This catastrophe is really sad. If you really can't resist, look up to the sky and shout Ziwei."

Shangguan Huayu forced his voice into a line, which passed into my ears.

As an old friend for many years, he has indeed always stood by my side.

Even Immortal Emperor Ziwei did not betray me.

But at this moment, I did not make a sound, but witnessed Amitabha's wooden boat descending on my head.

"Take reincarnation again, it's over."

Amitabha said softly, and the Buddhist wooden boat fell completely.

The wooden boat expanded infinitely, turned into a giant ship, and covered my body.

Like the magic spell of Sun Xingzhe, the power in the wooden boat kept squeezing my body, as if it wanted to completely crush my body and soul.

The posture of Amitabha Buddha is not asking me to go back to reincarnation, he is trying to destroy me physically and spiritually!

"Old years!"

Shangguan Huayu in the distance shouted anxiously at me.

I was unmoved, and my heart became more and more clear.

"Old Ancestor! Hurry up and save Chen Nian! This catastrophe is still too early! It's not a gift, it's death!"

Seeing that I was completely trapped in the Buddhist wooden boat and was about to be completely killed, Shangguan Huayu shouted to the sky, and finally he shouted instead of me: "Ziwei speed down!"

His sound, like the supreme secret method of summoning, a little star appeared in this void space, forcibly robbing the void of all Buddha power, snatching a space.

A stargate manifests.

At the same time, the power of an immortal emperor emerged.

Immortal Emperor Ziwei is coming.

But at this moment, I glanced at Shangguan Huayu, and suddenly there was a unparalleled stick in my hand.

"Ziwei? What's the use of coming? What's the point of saving? The Buddha boat is on the ferry, it's old, and it's about to take the boat to reincarnation."

Amitabha said quietly, not paying any attention to Immortal Emperor Ziwei who was about to appear.

Just as his words fell, Immortal Emperor Ziwei opened the gate of the void and descended...

He was still as breathless as ever.

I glanced at Immortal Emperor Ziwei and smiled faintly.

Then, the stick in my hand was raised high!

I shouted: "Amitabha! Look at the ancestor of all weapons in the upper world, the Lingxiaoxian Buddha stick in my hand - smash your boat!"