Chapter: 1495

“You seem more agitated,” Stefan pointed out, still unfazed. ”Does that mean your brother is more important to you than your own partner?”

“Yes!” Renee readily admitted to it. “Family is more important than anything. If you lay a

finger on him, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“What if your brother hurts the love of your life?” Stefan pressed.

Renee frowned, but said with a cool glare, “If that does happen, I will die with my beloved, and let my brother live!”

She had no chance of knowing back then that it was an exchange that would become very relevant years down the line!

Nonetheless, Stefan calmly said, “Quinton is being punished for his own misdeeds. He

challenged us by destroying our merchandise—our retaliation is just, if only to make him understand that some rules are not meant to be broken.”

“I can admit that his methods can be radical, and I will compensate you for any losses you’ve sustained. We can talk about this, as long as you agree to release him…”

Renee was convinced that problems solved by money were no problems at all. Moreover, Quinton had been impatient for results over the last couple of years, so he had repeatedly sabotaged H Group’s business operations. It was no different from trying to steal food from a lion, and was basically suicidal. It was just a matter of time that Stefan’s retaliation reached Quinton, and Renee felt humbled since Stefan had the moral high ground… even though she had Stefan tied up, and a knife pressed to his neck.

“Really? We can talk about this?” Stefan sneered, gesturing at his hands restrained with his own necktie. “Is this how we’re going to do it?”

“Well… I didn’t want to tie you up, but you were getting frisky. Who knows what would

happen if I didn’t restrain you?” Renee retorted with righteous indignation.

She took a moment to calm herself, and gingerly touched his hair, saying, “Be good now-l’ll free you, but the condition is that you have to release my brother. Okay?”

“Free me, and I’ll think about it.”

“No, you have to say yes!”

“You have to free me for me to make the call.”

“Is that a yes?” Renee’s eyes lit up, surprised that Stefan gave in despite him being as stubborn as an ox.

“A gentleman’s word is golden. Don’t go back on it!” Renee warned him. “I’ve tied you up once, and I can certainly do it again.”

“Cut the crap and free me already!” Stefan snapped impatiently-he had never suffered so much in his life!

Renee trusted promises, and quickly freed Stefan, seemingly unafraid of his retaliation.

It was just like she put it—she had restrained him once, and that meant she could do it again.

“There’s nothing womanly about you at all!” Stefan sighed emotionally, flexing his wrists that had almost been dislocated. He was actually skilled in martial arts, even winning the school championship for four years running- only to end up completely restrained by a woman.

If word of that ever got out, he would die of embarrassment. Renee said nothing, however, and suddenly leaned closer to him.

“What are you doing?” Stefan tensed up, sliding backwards and pressing himself against the car door. He tried to get out, only to realize that he had locked it himself.