Chapter: 1496

What had he done to deserve this?!

“I’m warning you, don’t do anything stupid. We can talk about this…” He stared at Renee warily as if she were a beast -he did not want to be tied up again!

Renee rolled her eyes, speechless. How much of a coward could he be? Was she even that scary?

“Call your people now!” She snapped coolly, shoving his phone in his hands. Stefan breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly searched for Elijah’s number, once again the indomitable CEO as he called Elijah and told him, “Release Quinton Everheart. The matter has been resolved.”

“What?! Just like that?!” On the other end, Elijah was dumbfounded by Stefan’s orders. “But he was out to get us at every turn, Mr. Hunt! The losses from our core plant being destroyed is still inestimable, and we’re waiting for you to come here and personally end him! But… you’re telling us to let him go instead?”

“I know what I said, or are you questioning my orders?!”

“That’s not what I meant, sir-but he’s a clear threat against H group. We’d have trouble in explaining ourselves to our board of directors…”

“I’ll deal with them myself.”

“Huh…” Elijah was reluctant, but there was no way he would disobey his boss’s orders.

“Alright, I’ll have him released.”

Stefan hung up, and turned towards Renee, demanding coolly, “Are you satisfied now?”

“Absolutely.” Renee nodded repeatedly with a fawning smile, actually surprised that Stefan was that cooperative.

In contrast, she was quite villainous.

“You may be satisfied, but I’m not!” Stefan suddenly snapped, his expression inscrutable as ever.

“I know my brother broke the rules, but I will apologize in his place and compensate for any losses.”

“No!” Stefan shook his head. “Compensation is far from enough.”

Renee raised a brow. “Then what do you want?”

“Have you considered a partnership between Azure Group and H group?” Stefan asked slowly. “We’ve been competing for years, but there was never a clear winner while losses continued to mount. Maybe we could reach new heights if we worked together.”

“A partnership?” Renee was surprised-the man took her for quite a ride, only to start

discussing business? It didn’t make sense. Azure Group was small fry to H Group at best, and they were at completely different levels. Even if Azure Group did see rapid growth and aggressively cut a territory of its own in the stock market, they were far from the level needed to necessitate a partnership with H Group.

So why would Stefan suddenly come up with something like that? Was he extending an olive branch?

“Take your time to consider. If possible, we can discuss the details with Quinton next

Wednesday.” With those words, Stefan unlocked the car doors and said coolly, “And if there’s nothing else, you can get out of my car.”

He appeared aloof and impassive-the stereotypical look of a businessman.

Perhaps in his perspective, Renee was a ‘deal’, and everything he did tonight was to seal the deal!