Chapter: 1497

After getting out of Stefan’s car, Renee strolled along the coastal road for a long time, until she finally got a taxi to return into the city.

Suddenly, she got a phone call from Plum, who excitedly said, “Miss Renee? Where are you right now? Good news! Master Quinton has returned”


Renee’s face lit up in delight. She did not expect Stefan to come good on his word so soon.

“Great! I’ll be right back!”

She returned to Carmine Pawnshop as fast as she could, and immediately saw a lanky

figure at the lobby when she did.

That aloof stature, the familiar mask-it was none other than Quinton.

“Quinton! Are you alright?!” Renee rushed towards him excitedly, checking him from head to toe and relieved to see him unscathed.

“Of course I’m fine, silly. Stefan’s always been a coward, and he was afraid to harm me. I would have lodged with them if they didn’t chase me off,” he scoffed.

He stood with his hands in his pocket, looking completely unaffected by his abductional most as if he just returned from a vacation. After all, having fought Stefan for years, he was used to close shaves.

Renee, however, sighed deeply and said worriedly, “Stefan is no pushover, Quinton. You might not be as lucky even if you escaped this time… have you ever thought about not fighting him?”

“Not fighting him?!” Quinton’s expression was immediately ice-cold, and his tone was one of disappointment. “Have you lost your mind?! You dumped me, your children, and Azure Group just as the company was on the rise-just to care for a crippled member of the Hunt family! Even if I allowed that, you’re now telling me to stop fighting Stefan?! Do you want our whole family to be destroyed before you really understand how serious this is?!”

“What are you talking about, Quinton? Our families have always been in good terms and supported each other. The Hunt family was never our enemy…”

“You’ve really lost the plot…” Quinton sighed, and told her sincerely, “No friendship or enmity lasts forever. The only thing that does is profit-right now, Azure Group is a great threat to H Group, which means we are affecting their profits. Given how they usually immediately wipe out a potential threat, just as they did with this place, I hope you can at least see the

benefits of making the first move, and denying them the chance to attack us!”

“No, they won’t!” Renee shook her head, determined. “The Hunts are not that despicable, and Stefan isn’t that ruthless. Your abduction was proof-they had every chance to hurt you, but they released you, because they are hoping we can put the past behind us to work together!”

“Work together?” Quinton narrowed his eyes contemplatively.

Seeing that her brother was almost convinced, Renee struck while the iron was hot. “Yes. Instead of losing together, why not put the past behind us and win together?

In reality, Renee was hoping to get Stefan to make peace with Quinton-even if Stefan did

not extend an olive branch.

Their families had been allies for three generations, and their grandfathers were practically brothers who supported each other for years-they certainly would not want them to turn against each other.

Quinton was too impulsive and radical-he would inevitably upset many, and they would certainly come seeking revenge. However, if Quinton allied himself with the Hunt family, those enemies would have to be wary of both families, which spared them a lot of unnecessary conflict.

To put it roughly… Renee was helping her brother get a sugar daddy.

If the day came when she was not around or something bad happened, at least he would not be alone and helpless.