Chapter: 1498

“Consider it, Quinton. If there are no issues, we can talk to him about the finer details next Wednesday,” Renee said earnestly, hoping that Quinton would say yes.

Quinton, however, snorted coolly, the look behind his mask becoming troubled. “You’re

being naive, Renee. A grudge is not so easily forgotten-it’s just like the scars on my face, lingering despite having healed, and a constant reminder of the humiliation I suffered. Anyone who forgets to hate is quite simply… spineless.”

He took off his mask when he finished speaking, revealing the gruesome scars that

stretched across his face like lightning under the bright white lights overhead.

“Quinton…” Renee frowned, her heart breaking.

“He reduced me to a dog’s life, a shadow of the man that I was… and now, you want me to shake hands and make peace just because you told me too? Aren’t you getting conceited?”

Quinton sneered. No one understood how he survived all those years—he was

fundamentally unkind, so ‘love and peace’ was just too difficult for him to even pretend.

Moreover, Quinton could tell that Renee still loved Stefan, but that would not stop him from being Stefan’s enemy.

“I know you’re still in love with him, so you have my word that I won’t kill him no matter how bad our rivalry gets. But this is business, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, so I’m not going to hold back!”

“I know you’ve been enemies with Stefan for a while, and asking for a partnership now is difficult for you, but you don’t have to worry—I will try to get him to make amends. As long as he is sincere enough, I’m sure that you will become friends one day. It’s what our parents and grandfather would have wanted to see.”

With three generations of friendship, the best outcome would be for it to continue.

“That’s not going to happen. The grudge between me and Stefan is far from that.” Quinton’s fists clenched, his gaze becoming distant. There was so much he never told Renee- not murdering Stefan was already the limit of his mercy.

Renee became curious then, and asked carefully, “What else happened between you and him? What don’t I know?”

They should be even after Stefan disfigured Quinton, and Quinton blinded Stefan. She had no idea what could have fueled such hatred in Quinton.

“The less you know, the better.” Quinton sighed, and turned to stride into the inner house.

“I’m tired. I need some rest after everything they put me through.”

Renee stared at Quinton with melancholy as he left. It was clear that Quinton carried a

terrible grudge, and she had to bring him around.

Quinton returned to his bedroom with Chase following closely behind, at his beck and call as always.

“Welcome back, sir. None of us had been sleeping soundly ever since we lost contact with you-we almost brought the cavalry down on the heads of the Hunt family!”

“You’ve lost contact with me plenty of times before. Why so serious?” Quinton asked,

impassive even as he took off his mask and suit. Chase quickly went to take both, and hung them up primly. ”Yes, we did, but this is Stefan Hunt we’re talking about. You two have history, so what if he decided to pull the trigger?’

Quinton raised a brow, but said confidently, “You don’t have to worry about that. He won’t go for the kill like me, or it’s over between him and my sister.”