Chapter: 1503

“Stop making a scene! It’s late, how do you have so much energy?!” Xavier ran after her, gasping for breath. He quickly realised that this woman could be very energetic if she wanted, even though she was always dispirited and languid. He was quickly becoming exhausted.

“Don’t come near me, you scumbag! You always upset me… I don’t want to see you again!nGet lost!” She turned around and yelled at him with tears running down her cheeks. She was sober now, and was well aware of the fact that Xavier was her drug. If she became addicted to it, it would definitely harm her.

Hence, she tried her best to suppress her desire and give him up even though she yearned to throw herself into his arms and kiss him.

“Couple? Who are you trying to fool? If she is your girlfriend, why would she accuse you like this?”

“It’s because she’s jealous. That’s why she tortures me. Just let me go, sir, don’t waste your time.”

“No, I’m not his girlfriend. His girlfriend is Shirley White, the superstar. He was her number one fan, you know. Who am I? I’m not qualified to be his girlfriend,” Leia scoffed sarcastically.

“Baby, we can talk this out. Don’t waste his time, okay?”

“I’m not your baby! I don’t deserve that, only Shirley deserves to be with you.”

When the police officer noticed that they seemed to be acting flirtatiously with each other, he became confused. He pressed Xavier’s head down and interrogated him,

“You claimed that you’re her boyfriend. How can you prove that?”

“Of course, I can prove it!” Xavier declared confidently.

“Well… How do you plan to do that?” The police officer sensed there was more to the story, so he was willing to give Xavier a chance to prove his innocence.

"Take my phone out of my bag. Unlock it with my face and go find a secret photo album. You’ll know after you see that.”

Xavier decided to risk everything to regain his freedom. He even gave up the last bit of his dignity.

“A secret photo album?” The police officer was very curious, and so was Leia.

She grabbed Xavier’s phone before the police officer could. After she used his face to unlock his phone, she asked, “ Which secret photo album?”

“Umm… It’s called ‘my bedtime dessert’. Just show it to the police officer."

Xavier’s handsome face was flushed as he said through gritted teeth. Leia found the hidden photo album and clicked on it. When she saw the photos in it, a blush rose on her cheeks, and she immediately sobered up.

“You… Why did you…” She turned around with a complicated expression. She could no longer look at the photographs.

“What is it? Show me.” The police officer’s curiosity was piqued, so he took the phone from Leia. He then used his thumb to swipe the photos in the album one by one. After a while, he cracked a happy smile. “Well, kid. You look like a Casanova, but it turns out you’re actually a loyal man. It’s rare to find a man like you!”

Xavier was generally a shameless person, but at that moment, he wished that the ground would open up and swallow him. He mumbled awkwardly, “Thank you, sir. Can you let go of me now?”

“It was a misunderstanding. Sorry, kid.” The police officer unlocked Xavier’s handcuffs and patted his shoulder.

”Women don’t always mean what they say. Just try to talk it out, I’ll be rooting for you… You can win her over with sincerity. If you love her, you have to say so.”

He then turned around and said to Leia, who was blushing and keeping quiet,

“Girl, don’t be pretentious. As another man, I can tell that he loves you very much!”