Chapter: 1504

Leia timidly nodded. “Thank you for the advice. I realise that now.”

Speechlessness overwhelmed Xavier. He gingerly touched his sore wrists, which had

almost been dislocated just now.

’This is so embarrassing! I’m a Casanova who’s been enjoying life all these years. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life…’

“Well, you guys should talk it out. I’ll get on with my work.” The police officer smiled happily as he said goodbye to them.

Soon, Xavier and Leia were the only ones left on the road. The light cast by the streetlamp made their shadows overlap with each other, and it looked like they were hugging. Suddenly, awkwardness engulfed them, and neither of them spoke.

“Be careful!” A car suddenly zoomed past, and Xavier quickly pulled Leia behind him.

“Umm, thank you…” Leia kept her head low, looking timid and bashful.

“Give me my phone.” Xavier was quite shy too as he took his phone from her.

The secret photo album was full of Leia’s photos that he had taken of her discreetly. For example, he took photos of her when she was eating, laughing, or sleeping.

The most romantic one was snapped under a dim light. Leia was sleeping in his arms like a kitten. He had kissed her on the cheek before taking their first photo together.

From that picture, one could see how tender and doting he was towards her. Anyone who saw these photographs would surely be charmed by his love for her.

“Are you sober now?” After Xavier locked his phone, he averted his gaze, acting like nothing had happened.

“Yeah, I’m sober now.” Leia pushed her hair behind her ear and nodded shyly.

“It’s late now. Let me give you a ride home?”

“Okay.” She nodded again, unusually docile. She always thought that Xavier never regarded her as a woman and that he didn’t desire her, but when she saw those photos, she knew just how much he longed for her. He had liked her secretly for such a long time… and considered her his bedtime dessert. Of course, she would feel shy.

Xavier hailed a cab and told the driver to drive to Osborne Mansion.

Although Leia had her house, she spent most of her time staying in Osborne Mansion.

Geronimo had five daughters before Leia and Liam were born, so naturally, he cherished the twins greatly.

Liam had been travelling around the world for a year now, so he wasn’t around at the

moment. Hence, Geronimo and his wife focused all their attention on Leia instead. If Leia did not go home at night, they would call her endlessly. Even that night, they had been calling her ceaselessly. It only ended when Leia turned off her phone.

Both Xavier and Leia sat in the back seat as they leaned toward each other subconsciously.

“Are you feeling sick?” He touched her flushed cheeks, worried that she was drunk.

“I’m fine. I just feel a bit hot and dizzy.” Leia mumbled, shifting uncomfortably. Her tight white shirt showed off her perfect curves.

“Now you feel sick. Why didn’t you stop yourself when you were drinking?” Xavier scolded her gently, but he still let her lean her head on his shoulder. “Close your eyes and rest for a while if you’re sleepy.”